Conditioning Hair Treatments

We love how Aveda’s conditioning hair treatments add strength and moisture to our clients’ hair. Aveda’s hair treatments can soften and smooth your hair and improve breakage resistance by up to 71-percent. They use plant-based emollients to condition, detangle and protect hair and add beautiful aromas to energize or calm. If your hair is feeling dry, frizzy or dull, or your scalp is dry, conditioning hair treatments may help.

Intensive In-Salon Hair Treatments

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Aveda strives to connect beauty, the environment and well being. They not only make wonderful products, they also give back to society and set an example of environmental leadership. Whether you need a hair conditioning treatment to reduce frizz, add volume, prevent tangles, reduce static, add shine, restore softness or soothe the scalp, Aveda has it. They also use pure flower and plant essences so your hair will have a lovely aroma after treatment. Every Aveda product is professionally developed, clinically tested and created while respecting traditional communities and ecosystems.

Make an appointment for an Aveda botanical hair treatment or simply add it to your appointment for a haircut or style.

Take a pause from your hectic day and enjoy a relaxing time at our hair salon. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and looking beautiful. Make an appointment today for an Aveda conditioning hair treatment.