Hair Highlights to Add Depth, Texture

Hair highlights can add depth, texture and new dimension to your hair without completely changing your look. They can have you feeling and looking refreshed. People will wonder what you’ve done differently or if you’ve travelled to some distant, exotic place.

Hair Highlights

Natural blow drying, under 5 minutes is included in the price. Any additional blow drying/styling/heat styling are not included. If you require blow drying/styling, additional $25 and up, depending on the length of the hair and time.

Hair highlight pricing varies with amount of product used and time required.

All hair highlight appointments include a hand massage and makeup touchup. You can relax and close your eyes or indulge in a favourite magazine and a cup of tea. We’ll take good care of you during your stay.

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We use Aveda hair colour products in our hair salon. Aveda hair products help protect your hair during treatments. They use safe, non-toxic, plant-derived ingredients that don’t negatively impact the environment. Aveda is committed to using organic ingredients and applies ancient Ayurvedic principles in its product development.

The stylists at Salon Kanako are experienced at applying hair highlights. Whether your hair is blond, sandy, or deep brunette, we can addinterest and depth to your hair. Just as importantly, we know what colours or products will not work with your hair, so we can avoid mistakes before they happen.

We can help you decide what hair highlight colour will refresh your look and make you feel beautiful. Make an appointment and discover the difference hair highlights can make.