Salon Reopening Protocols

Physical Distancing

Surfaces, Equipment & Sanitation

Color Bowls and Brush

Towels, gowns, capes, stylist gowns

Towels, gowns, capes are placed in laundry after single use, washed with hot water and tumble dried on high heat

Staff Room/Break

Salon Public Area

Staff and Client Procedures

Take temperature and if its more than 37c, call Kanako or salon. Do not come. Do not come if you have cough, sneeze, head ache, nausea, can not taste or smell, like flu, cold or Corvid 19 symptoms if you have. Your good health is important for you and your client and the health of business.  Be responsible for your private life.  Follow the guidelines from public health office such as physical distancing and hand washing.

Handling Client Procedure


salon window